'Quota' fears as independent schools close doors to Russian pupils

Independent schools in the UK are closing their doors to Russian and other foreign pupils for fear o... More

Majority of UK’s most influential were privately educated, survey reveals

More than 40% of the most influential people in Britain went to independent school, the Guardian rep... More

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Are you interested in finding out how your school could save as much as £80,000 a year on energy bi... More

Leading private school publishes free online textbooks

A top private school, with some of the best results in England, is publishing digital textbooks whic... More

Competition for places peaks with children sitting as many as seven entrance exams

Competition for places at Britain's top private schools has reached 'boiling point' as children take... More

Political interference 'damaging schools', says former Ofsted chief

Efforts to improve England's education system are being undermined by short-term political pressures... More

Gladiatorial culture of school rugby is too violent for small children, warns surgeon

Smaller children should not be forced to play rugby with bigger boys while those who don’t want to... More

Schools should appoint heads of wellbeing, charity says

Secondary schools should create a “head of well-being” post to combat poor physical and mental h... More

Teaching unions warn of self-harm epidemic among students

An epidemic of self-harm is blighting the lives of students across the country, with schools unable ... More

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Here at Independent Executive, we know that getting back into work-mode after a couple of weeks off ... More

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A third of headteachers say school buildings are not fit for purpose

A lack of investment in school buildings remains a pressing priority for hundreds of primary and

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Boy excluded for insulting headteacher's hair on Facebook

A teenager has been expelled from school after posting insults about his headteacher's hair o

Durand Academy headteacher earning more than £400,000 a year, MPs told

An academy head is earning more than £400,000 a year by running a private business on the s

£12.6m ‘emergency’ hand-outs for 22 academies revealed by FOI request

Twenty two academies have been handed £12.6m in emergency funding since 2011/12 and the vas