Private school students 'sleepwalking into predictable careers'

The head of Britain’s university admissions system has accused private-school students of...More

Sport in private schools stuck in the past, says expert

Sport in independent schools is stuck in the past and not focused enough on health and fitness, an expert...More

Independent schools chief tells critics to stop ‘indulging in toffism’

Critics who blame private schools for the failings of the UK’s education system are “indulging in...More

Third of pre-school children own iPad, study finds

A third of pre-school children in the UK have their own iPad or a similar tablet, according to researchMore

Independent school heads condemn exam marking

Heads of leading independent schools have said the current exam marking system is 'not fit for...More

Clever girls feel 'self-conscious' at mixed sex schools, says head

Clever girls are held back in mixed-sex classrooms, a leading independent school head has saidMore

Depression rising among pupils, say headeachers

Teenage pupils at British private schools are experiencing unprecedented levels of depression, eating...More

Soft skills put independent schools in the lead, says Anthony Seldon

A "grounding in soft skills" rather than exam performance gives people who went to independent schools...More

Church of England schools failing to appoint heads of same faith

Increasing numbers of Church of England schools are failing to appoint heads of the same faith, a study...More

Children should work less and play more, says prep school chief

The chief executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools has said that less work and more play...More


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