Burn baby burn: Your comprehensive guide to biomass boiler procurement

Biomass heating has, in recent years, established itself as more than just an energy-saving novelty. With...More

Brighton College to re-introduce boater hats after 47 years

A prominent independent school is to re-introduce boater hats in commemoration of pupils who died in the...More

One step ahead: Ensuring your school's ready for the inspectors

Even the most ship-shape senior leadership team will feel nervous at the sight of an inspector at the...More

Last independent school in Rotherham set to close as pupil numbers dwindle

The last private school in Rotherham may close as its pupil numbers have declinedMore

A cashless society: has your school made the leap?

While some schools are taking the leap without any qualms others are more reluctant to get involved. No,...More

Private school pupils 'miss out', general secretary of TUC says

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), has said that private school...More

Sir Anthony Seldon to become University of Buckingham vice-chancellor

Sir Anthony Seldon, the outgoing master of Wellington College, has been appointed vice-chancellor of the...More

Parents should give their stressed children a break, says leading head

Anxious parents are “dervishes” about their children’s education and should be more detached to...More

Nine-hour event offers its delegates tangible results

If you could enhance your skills, enrich your role and learn to stretch your school budget even further in...More

Prince Charles' school hit by claims of historic child abuse

Gordonstoun, the £32,00-a-year Scottish public school where the Queen's sons and children of Sean Connery...More

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Generation Y expect £100,000 pension but over half haven’t started saving

New research from workplace pensions provider NOW: Pensions reveals that ‘generation Y&rsqu

Poor bedroom hygiene leaves Brits at risk from dust mites

New research has revealed millions of Brits are at high risk of dust mites in their homes due to

SBM and pupils at understaffed school create recruitment video

Pupils at a Bradford School have worked with their school business manager on a video to attract

Europe’s biggest arms firm chosen to turn around failing academy

The government has chosen an arms manufacturer to be a failing academy’s new sponsor,