Schools more flexible so as to fill vacancies, but at the expense of teacher quality

The latest TES Teacher Recruitment Index from TES Global shows that schools filled a higher proportion of...More

Government, schools and charities join to promote boarding school places for vulnerable children

The Department for Education is sponsoring an information service to help local authorities collaborate...More

Europe's first ever bilingual Chinese-English school set to open in London

The first school in Europe to teach all its students in both English and Chinese is to open in London next...More

May defends grammars and independent schools' role in supporting state schools

At a Friends of Grammar Schools reception at the House of Commons, Theresa May called on supporters of...More

Nicola Sturgeon urged to end independent school tax benefits

Nicola Sturgeon is under pressure to tackle the tax advantage enjoyed by Scotland’s private schools...More

Muslim school Jamia al-Hudaa banned from having new pupils over extremism fears

A Nottingham school has been told that it can no longer enroll new pupils and must partly close due to...More

Derbyshire primary school announces it will close

Devastated parents have been left shocked by the news that their children's school will close in less than...More

Merchant Taylors' pupils 'spoken to by police' after setting up 'killer clown' Facebook page

Merchant Taylors' pupils 'spoken to by police' after setting up 'killer clown' Facebook...More

Two independent schools to merge to create “school of excellence”

Two of Kidderminster’s oldest independent schools have announced they will merge to create a “school...More

England star's son faces expulsion from private school after making 'killer clown threats to pupils'

The son of a Premier League star faces being expelled after he was revealed as the ringleader of a...More


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