State school turnaround will shrink private education, expert says

Schools in the state sector have improved beyond recognition in the past 30 years...More

Independent school celebrating Oxbridge success

Bancroft’s School in High Road, Woodford Green has received the news that 11 of their Year 13 pupils...More

Wellington College is 'pulling out of league tables', says head

Leading private schools are abandoning ‘irrelevant’ newspaper school league tables that fail to...More

School joins 'clean sport' anti-doping scheme

A school in Somerset has signed up for an anti-sports-doping accreditation scheme...More

Head blog: One school leader responds to comments that girls face "huge disadvantage"

Emma Hattersley, head of Godolphin School in Salisbury, explains why she believes the head of Brighton...More

David Cameron reportedly considering private education for his son

The prime minister and his wife, Samantha, are said to be discussing whether to send their nine-year-old...More

Private schools urged to seize opportunity to attract more pupils

Independent schools are being advised that they should capitalise on the financial difficulties of state...More

Headmaster calls for volunteer opportunities for both public and state pupils

The headmaster of a private school in a Yorkshire city is urging others in the independent sector to follow...More

The social network: Making the most of alumni donations

Alumni fundraising is a skill that many savvy school leaders are using to their great advantage. Alice...More

Better together: How Rador House is growing its brand

Radnor House in Twickenham has recently taken another school under its wing: Combe Bank in Sevenoaks. Jess...More


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