Wealthy Chinese making UK middle-class unable to afford boarding school

Patrick Derham, headmaster of Westminster School in central London, warns that boarding schools in the UK...More

Parents' fury as pupils at £10,000-a-term Somerset school taught Shakespeare for GCSE by mistake

GCSE pupils at a top Somerset private school have spent the past ten weeks studying Shakespeare's The...More

Parents 'hopeful' they can save Sunderland High from closure

Parents are “hopeful” they can save a prestigious Sunderland school from closure after dozens turned...More

Independent schools must 'embrace vocational courses', says headmaster

Independent schools are failing to promote vocational qualifications, which should be given equal...More

The game changers: How are new technologies changing the way our students learn?

3D printers and cloud storage are transforming the way children learn and are opening up the classroom in...More

The show must go on: Procuring and building a new school theatre

Every independent school worth its salt knows that a tip top theatre facility is a big draw for both...More

Nice doing business with you: One head tells us about his vision for a new way of working

For heads and bursars running their schools as independent businesses, commercial opportunities are ripe...More

A balancing act: Getting to grips with the tricky subject of school fees

In hard financial times more and more parents are struggling to fund fees for their children’s...More

Tuition is £26,000 a year at Britain's Brainiest School

It's a little known fact that the best A Level results in the UK come from a small college run from an...More

The sky's the limit: How one school is standing out from the crowd

Sandymoor School in Cheshire has recently been shortlisted for an ICT award for its innovative approach to...More


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